In order to get free art wear, you must find it!

These pieces are one-of-a-kind LIMITED EDITION. Many hours were put into the creation of this art pieces.

The current Free Art Wear series is located in Lutherville, MD:

Old Navy & Kohl's
50 W Ridgely Rd
Lutherville, MD 21093

Old Navy: 2 Artwear pieces are located here:
One is hidden under a bench in a dressing room.


Another one is hidden inside the pocket of a pink robe (which was then placed back on the department store floor):

Kohl's: 3 are hidden here:
One is sitting on top of a corner ledge of the larger dressing room in the Junior's department.

Another one is sitting inside the pocket of a pair of Juniors size 5 jeans. The free tag is hanging out and is clearly visible. These were also placed back on the floor:
The last one is just hanging won the scarf rack with the other scarves sold in the store:scarfrack

Once you claim your free art wear, please send us an e-mail with the edition
number and where you found it.

Also, it would be very much apprecaited if you e-mailed an image of how you
would use or wear your new piece of art. For ideas, please view the Gallery.
If you do send us an image or two, with your permission we may include them
in the gallery.

Happy hunting!